The Royal Page

The Royal Page is an African Restaurant situated in Pretoria. Responding to the demand of an authentic casual African restaurant, The Royal Page was birthed with three distinct characteristics: a destination casual ethnic restaurant.

Our West African inspired menu offers a taste of home to West Africans living in South Africa and is the home of taste to patrons from other nations. The restaurant represents Africa as a cosmopolitan continent while telling the authentic African story.

Africa is a Royal Kingdom which has its story written over 54 pages (Countries). Out of the many methods people use to tell the continent’s story, ours is food. Summarizing it in one page, ’The Royal Page’, we tell the African story, from its roots to it being known as an Afropolitan continent, through our food. It is the combinations found in our dishes that make us the home of taste. Africans are big on community and storytelling; The Royal Page carries on that legacy in its restaurant allowing patrons to experience the story of Africa while writing a new one.

The beauty found in Africa’s diversity is often underrated, with most of our ethnic elements being overlooked. Our objective is to bring all those elements to tell the African story. Our menu has something African that everyone can enjoy, while our décor and music selection reflects Africa then and now.